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Art exhibition in the City Hall

Δε25ΙουνΟλοήμερηΠε28Art exhibition in the City Hall(Ολοήμερη)(GMT+00:00) ΦορέαςΔήμος Θεσσαλονίκης

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The City of Thessaloniki invites you to explore the concept of being a “world citizen” as manifested through the vision and artistic talent of 13 refugee artists.

The exhibition will take place at the City Hall of Thessaloniki from June 25 – 28. You are all welcome to the inauguration event, on June 25 at 19.00.

The World Citizen art exhibition at the City Hall of Thessaloniki brings together a selection of work from 13 refugee artists who are currently residing either in Thessaloniki or its surrounding area.

These artists have been selected to share their views and insight on the idea of being a “world citizen” and what this means to them.

The artworks vary greatly in their vision but are all created drawing upon the same well of artistic creativity, one that’s inspired by a conviction that, as “world citizens”, what brings us together is more plentiful than that which keeps us apart.



Ιούνιος 25 (Δευτέρα) - 28 (Πέμπτη)(GMT+00:00)


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