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The Waterfront of Thessaloniki

Residents and visitors can enjoy a walk or a run along the Waterfront of Thessaloniki, which is about five kilometers in length, from the Concert Hall to the port.

The waterfront is linear and relatively limited in width, giving it the characteristics of a narrow beachfront.

The sea of the Thermaikos Gulf and the sky create a beautiful scene, with ephemeral and mutable elements creating a different atmosphere each passing moment.

The breakwater is an ideal place for walking or biking. The visitor is exposed to the light and the open view, while moving between the two opposites of the stability of the breakwater and the movement and lucidity of the water.

Green spaces: the inner side of the waterfront has 13 green spaces, created as a succession of “green rooms – gardens”, each with a special thematic characteristic. They offer shade, soft grounds, and quiet spaces. The gardens are: Garden of Alexander, Garden of the Afternoon Sun, Garden of the Sand, Garden of the Shadow, Garden of the Seasons, Garden of Odysseas Fokas, Garden of Mediterranean, Garden of the Sculptors, Garden of Sound, Garden of Roses, Garden of Memory, Garden of Water and Garden of Music. They serve as small “parks” or “rooms” reminiscent of the Mediterranean gardens that existed in the area in the past.

Enjoy the waterfront for walking, reading, fishing, running, playing with children, but also for cycling, picnics, open-air exercise in groups,  dancing, performances, meeting friends…. It’s all yours.

Designed by the Architects
P. Nikiforidis – B. Cuomo