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Spring Time

Looking for inspiration on where to go this spring? Explore Thessaloniki – one of Europe’s top gastronomic hubs.

Soon enough, the weather will warm and you’ll be excited again to get out of the house.

Suddenly the locals and the tourists become one, flushed like a neon sunlight throng of inhabitants, madly marching about town, each owning a small part of it. That short slice of time between winter and summer, when all the windows catapult open, wide as a lion’s mouth, roaring in the season.

Spring time, fling time. The City is bathed in warm climes, with picture-perfect hues that pervade al-fresco alleyways.

What’s there to do? Plenty — from touring productions to new thrill rides, there’s no shortage of opening attractions in the city and suburbs.

Thessaloniki in the spring is a breath of fresh air. It’s so obvious and yet we couldn’t leave it out! Such is its charm that it can’t be beaten as a spring destination.

Enjoy the sunshine in the city’s main parks of the long waterfront or sample less well-known green spaces. Sit outside a café and people-watch with the hip crowd in the old promenade or sip coffee like the existentialists at the White Tower and the Roman Palace areas . Whatever you do, Thessaloniki at this time of year is a delight, which you’ll discover.

In the early spring, Thessaloniki wakes up rapidly. In April and May, the city is full of bloom. With warm nights, the Old Town and city center turn into vibrant hubs as outdoor cafes and restaurants fill with people.

A springtime visit to the city can give you a shot of positive energy.