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  • Why not?

    No blizzards, hurricanes, thundersnow, snowpocalypse, monster storms. Mediterranean climate: mild and rainy winters, hot and dry summers, comfortable spring and fall, and, generally, extended periods of sunshine throughout the year.

    Thessaloniki is a mid-size city and can be experienced and enjoyed like a campus. The city center is walkable – 30 minutes by foot from east to west.
    Home to one of the longest urban waterfront in Europe, completed in 2014. Walk, run, stroll, ride a bicycle, people-watch, gaze at the water and sunsets.
    The food! Just splendid….. The city was recognized in The New York Times’s 52 Places to Go in 2016, with an emphasis on its food scene.

  • Thessaloniki is:

    The most important administrative, cultural, and business center in northern Greece, and the second largest city in Greece.
    A midsize city situated on the Thermaic Gulf, with apopulation of more than 1.1 million in the metropolitan area.
    Near the Aegean Sea, an hour’s drive from both Mt.Olympus and beatyful beaches, and a short flight from the capitals of several Balkan and Mediterranean countries.

  • Thessaloniki in Numbers:

    50 km of coastline, with a new urban waterfront completed in 2014 for walking, jogging, cycling and more.
    29 Museums,
    15 UNESCO Monuments
    Flights to 81 des4na4ons worldwide in 31countries, and 35 domes4c des4na4ons.
    30 minutes by foot across city center, from east to west.

  • Food, Fun and Lifestyle

    A capital of cheap eats” -‐ The New York Times recognized Thessaloniki in its 52 Places to Go in 2016, with an emphasis on its food scene.
    More cafés per capita than any other European city, according to Na4onal Geographic. Ranked in the “Top 10 Nightlife ci4es” for 2015 (travelers’ favorites), and in “Best Trips 2013” in Na4onal Geographic.
    Rated the best midsize European city of the future for 2014, in the “Human Capital and Lifestyle” index of the Financial Times’ FDI magazine (Foreign Direct Investments).
    Guinness World Record: Students in Thessaloniki made the largest cheese pie in 2009 – It weighed 862 kg (1,900 lbs. 6 oz.).

  • A Youth City

    Thessaloniki is the largest university town in the country, and the city’s main university, Aristotle University, is the largest in Greece and the Balkans.

    Our universities and colleges:

    Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
    University of Macedonia
    International Hellenic University
    The University of Sheffield, International Faculty,
    CITY College The American College of Thessaloniki
    American Farm School
    DEI College
    Metropolitan College
    New York College
    There are approximately 150,000 university and study abroad students in the city each year. The city launched the Study in Thessaloniki ini4a4ve in 2014, to make Thessaloniki an education and research hub for students from around the world. (www.studyinthessaloniki.gr).

The Waterfront of Thessaloniki

Residents and visitors have the opportunity to enjoy walking along the esplanade, which is about five kilometers in length, from the Concert Hall to the port.

The Waterfront of Thessaloniki is a linear place with relatively limited depth and big length, a fact that gives it the characteristics of a “front”, of a thin layer.

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Η διάσημη Καμάρα που «έχασε» το ένα τόξο της. Κατασκευάστηκε μετά τη νίκη του Γαλερίου κατά των Περσών και συμβολίζει τη Θεσσαλονίκη της ακμής.



Βυζαντινά Μεσαιωνικά τείχη και φρούρια τα οποία κυκλώνουν ακόμα και σήμερα ένα μέρος του κέντρου της σύγχρονης Θεσσαλονίκης.



Το 1997 η Νέα Παραλία της Θεσσαλονίκης, υποδέχτηκε τις «Ομπρέλες» του Ζογγολόπουλου.



Τα Λαδάδικα, με τα πολύχρωμα ιστορικά και νεοκλασικά διατηρητέα κτίρια, είναι ένα από τα σημεία αναφοράς όσον αφορά τη διασκέδαση.


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