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Τρ13Νοε9:00 μμΤρ11:00 μμTUESDAY THE 13th with TCSO9:00 μμ - 11:00 μμ(GMT+00:00)

Λεπτομέρειες εκδήλωσης


A production for orchestra with maestro, a tenor, a drummer, a pianist…..and an unfortunate soprano!!!

What happens when the Thessaloniki City Symphony Orchestra meets the ‘’Opera Chaotique?’’    Beware of black cats, wear your good luck charms and carry garlic, because you might find yourself transported, possibly even hypnotized!  So until November 13th, don’t walk under the ‘’Ladder of Milan,’’ hide all the mirrors, knock on wood, buckle your seatbelts and meet up with everyone at the entrance to the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.  Come witness this disturbing meeting of ‘’dark forces’’ possessed by Georgos Tziouvaras and Christos Koutsogiannis, dragging in soprano Nikoleta Kapetanidou along with a symphony orchestra that hopefully aims to achieve a good, if not lucky result which will accentuate its presence and its contribution to the cultural life of the city in an alternative and interactive manner.

The concert which is a collaboration with the Thessaloniki Concert Hall will take place on Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 at 9pm in the Emilios Riadis Auditorium (M2).

Tickets:  10 euro,  5 euro  (students  and unemployed discount)

Program:  Will only become known on the fateful day and time………

‘’Opera Chaotique’’  :

Georgos Tziouvaras…..Tenorman

Christos Koutsogiannis……Voodoo drummer

Nikoleta Kapetanidou, soprano

Dimitra Houmeti, director

Maria Kavalioti, lighting

Nectarios Karantzis, music editing, arranging and orchestration

Christos Papadimitriou, text editing


Thessaloniki City Symphony Orchestra

Musical direction:  Liza Xanthopoulou



English translation : Suzanne Gogousi


(Τρίτη) 9:00 μμ - 11:00 μμ(GMT+00:00)