26.2 C


The Great Martyr Minas was born in Egypt and lived at the end of the 3rd century. Initially he was a soldier and served in Kioutacheia. Although he was born of pagan parents, he quickly rejected idolatry and practiced asceticism on a mountain, devoting his life to the worship of the one and only true God. After horrific martyrdoms aimed at forcing him to renounce Christ, he was beheaded and his body burned, on November 11, 296 AD, a date that honors his memory. Constantine the Great built a church on the spot where he was buried, near Alexandria. The commercial market of Thessaloniki, since the Byzantine years, has been developed around the homonymous church.

Information from the book by Aristides Kesopoulos “THE NAME OF THE ROADS OF THESSALONIKI”, MALLIARIS – PAIDEIA SA publications.


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